“Unlicensed Product” error when you open an Office Professional Plus 2010 application

Some times, when open any MS Office application like outlook, excel etc, i keep get following error irrespective of my license expired or not. “Unlicensed Product” error when you open an Office Professional Plus 2010 application” To fix the issue, i followed following steps. Easy fix 51006 Determine whether the computer has the 32-bit or […]

Force a windows desktop application to run in 32bit process on 64bit OS

Recently, I faced an issue with a downloaded windows application binary/executable. When I double clicked, it throws error popup saying that wrong architecture mismatch. Then my target is to run that age old application to run on my latest x64 bit windows machine in seamless manner. Some of the suggestions i got from searching net […]

Setup TortoiseSVN & Subversion on local windows

http://justaddwater.dk/2007/04/26/howto-create-a-temporary-local-subversion-repository/ Vamsi PavanVamsi Pavan is an alumni of IIIT-Hyderabad with honors in computer science & engineering. He works as a Principle Engineer for an MNC which is leader in data integration in Bangalore, India. His interests include data mining, crawling, information extraction & retrieval, machine learning, distributed computing and parallel programming. When he is offline, […]