Should I Invest in NPS to claim tax benefit on extra Rs 50,000

National Pension Scheme was launched on 1st January 2004 by the government of India to provide financial security for its citizen post retirement. Since then NPS has received lukewarm response from the market mainly because for the following reasons:- Withdrawal before retirement is very restricted After retirement, it is made compulsory to invest at least […]

“Unlicensed Product” error when you open an Office Professional Plus 2010 application

Some times, when open any MS Office application like outlook, excel etc, i keep get following error irrespective of my license expired or not. “Unlicensed Product” error when you open an Office Professional Plus 2010 application” To fix the issue, i followed following steps. Easy fix 51006 Determine whether the computer has the 32-bit or […]

Poodle fix for all the users of libcurl

As you know, SSLv3, most popular TLS protocol, is announced as victim of this Poodle vulnerability. After this announcement, all the enterprise community rushed to disable SSLv3 & SSLv2 protocols as part of their security enforcements. This page explains the similar fix for libcurl users and particularly for those who are still users of old […]

Vim: Reverse all lines

One of rare occasion that we have to reverse the whole file or part of the file content in line order. Vim handles such cases effortlessly. This command given in below will reverse all lines in the current buffer:

 : start command-line mode. g means you’ll take an action on any lines where a […]

Base64 Encoding and Decoding in C

Base64 is a method of encoding arbitrary data as plain ASCII text. It is one of the techniques employed by the MIME standard to send data other than plain text. Base64 encoding takes three bytes, each consisting of eight bits, and represents them as four printable characters in the ASCII standard. It does that in […]